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The city of Veracruz is the largest Mexican City on the Caribbean, owns a busy port, a rich history and a very romantic, slow-paced, Mexican atmosphere. There's live music all around you, great food to consider and a year-round Carnaval attitude that projects an atmosphere that life is too precious to not be enjoyed with gusto.

The region is largely undiscovered by foreign tourists but is popular with Mexico City natives who appreciate its good prices and proximity. The surrounding verdant hill region of Los Tuxtlas lures visitors with many rivers and lakes.

The zócalo is the epicentre of city life in Veracruz

News and touristic info:

[EN] Main Square
[SP] Zócalo

[EN] Main Square
[SP] Zócalo

[EN] Downtown
[SP] Centro de Veracruz

[EN] Sacrificios' Island

[EN] Small Peer
[SP] Muelle del Acuario

[EN] Beach
[SP] Playas

[EN] Boca del Río
[SP] Boca del Río

[EN] Orizaba's Peak
[SP] Pico de Orizaba

[EN] Panoramic View of Veracruz's Acuarium

[EN] Panoramic View of Veracruz's Malecón