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Welcome to my QNX 4 ports!
Welcome to my QNX ports! The applications/libraries that you can find in these pages are from the open source community, and their sources were slightly modified to run in QNX 4.25, but they should work also under QNX 4.xx and QNX NEUTRINO. Some of my packages are given in binary-only form, that is, they are already compiled, ready to run. Other packages are given in source form and should be compiled prior use. All packages come in tar.gz form, so you have to gupzip and untar them:
    gzip -d glib-1.2.9-qnx425-bin.tar.gz
    tar -xvf glib-1.2.9-qnx425-bin.tar

If you download the sources, you can build the project typing:
    LD=cc ./configure
    make install
Consult provided README.QNX for more details.


Packages ported by Pablo Gutierrez
name scr package document description
glib-1.2.9   glib-1.2.9-qnx425-bin.tar.gz
glib-1.2.9-qnx425.txt the glib library (binary-only and source distribution), very used in LINUX environments. Unluckily I wasn't able to port a more recent version since greater versions requires iconv library. Visit
freetds-0.61.2 freetds-0.61.2-qnx425-bin.tar.gz freetds-0.61.1-qnx425.txt this library implements the tds protocol used by Sybase and Microsoft SQL SERVER. With this library you can connect to these databases from a QNX 4.25 application. Only db-library api has been tested with both SQL SERVER 2000 and SQL SERVER 7 databases, although ct-lib should work also. It is included a small application -tsql- witch lets you make some queries to test a database. Just remember to customize /usr/local/etc/freetds.conf before testing with tsql. Visit
sqsh-2.1 sqsh-2.1-qnx425-bin.tar.gz Enhaced Sybase ISQL that can be build with freetds libraries. Powerful command-line utility that can run in interactive or batch mode. Read man page for more details.
man-1.5l   man-1.5l-qnx425-bin.tar.gz Unix man for viewing manual pages. Useful for viewing the help or manual of ported products, such as freetds, sqsh, cvs, etc. Installs under /usr/local/bin instead of /usr/bin.
cvs-1.11.5   cvs-1.11.5-qnx425-bin.tar.gz
CVS control source system for QNX! Binaries were build with --enable-rootcommit. If you don't like this, download the sources and rebuild.
git-4.3.20-qnx425-bin.tar.gz git-4.3.20-qnx425.txt GNU Interactive Tools, includes git, a file system browser, similar to old Norton Commander or linux mc, a HEX/ASCII viewer and several useful tools. The original source wasn't modified, since the package compiles under QNX 4.25 as is. My only contribution was to create two basic term definitions for qnxm and qansi-m terminals.


Packages made by myself
name scr package document description
cvsfront-0.0.1   cvsfront-0.0.1-bin.tar   A QNX Curses CVS Front-end. Don't use this ALPHA un-test version. Terrible SIGSEGV errors await you.


Packages ported by someone else
name scr package document description
git-4.3.20.tar.gz GNU Interactive Tools, includes git, a file system browser, similar to old Norton Commander or linux mc and a HEX/ASCII viewer. This package is not modified, since the original package builds under QNX4 without any modification!